Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A New Design for Wavumi

Dear All, you have probably noticed that I have not worked a lot on Wavumi recently... I still have to work on other less interesting stuff in order to gain some money ;-) Anyway, I would like to work on it again, and after some deep thoughts, I have decided that the next step will be an upgrade of the design!

But, I am definitively not a designer :-/ Thus, even if it is not really in line with my philosophy, I will "copy" the design of an existing site... And, recently, I have been quite impressed by the success of BlogRush, so I will get some "inspiration" from it ;-)

As a sneak preview of my current work, let me show you the new Wavumi logo:

As usual, any feedback are more than welcome ;-)


~ Swan said...

Hi Patrice!

Congrats on the new logo! I do feel that the border is a little weak, unless you're planning on having no border at all with the background being configurable for other web sites? That would work nicely.

Two questions please:

1: I have recently changed web sites and have just added the widget back into my blog. Is it possible to transfer all statistics to the one I have now?

I hate the fact that the only person showing is you! *laughs*

2: I want to use my real image instead of the fake one I used to have - is that possible? If so, please tell me where to send either the new image itself; or a url to where the image is stored online.

I did look for some other way to contact you, but couldn't seem to find one.

Great work Patrice! ;)
~ Swan
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Patrice said...

Hello ~ Swan,

Many thanks for your comment. I really need these kinds of comments in order to carry on ;-) The logo will be used without border; the border on the post comes from Blogger. I will soon post a mock-up of the new Wavumi home page to clarify this point.

Regarding your questions:

1. I will make the transfer/merge between your two accounts. By the way, do you prefer "Swan" or "swan" for your Wavumi pseudo?

2. You can send your avatar image to wavumi@gmail.com.

By the way, it is a pity that you have already removed the Wavumi widget from your blog, I was about to change the background colour of it (to #EDF5FA) so it is blended with your background.

Thanks again for your feedback, I appreciate it a lot.


~ Swan said...

Hello Patrice!

I've only removed Wavumi temporarily, to see how it matches up against the Blog Catalog "recent readers" widget. I seem to get lots of traffic with that one. Unfortunately, I've also removed Wavumi due to aesthetics at this time.

In answer to your question, I prefer Swan to swan, since it's my real name ; )

I've also mailed off my avatar for you to use when I add Wavumi again.

Good luck with your whole venture, I really want you to succeed, and with a base of over 100 people, that my friend, is assured. :)
~ Swan

~ Swan