Friday, November 30, 2007

The Entrecard Coupons Winners are...

The Entrecard Coupons Winners are...

The winners of my Entrecard Coupons are:

Widgets Lab did register to Wavumi in order to get the Entrecard coupon, thus I did send him 10 credits. On the other hand, Pam Hoffman is an early adopter of the Wavumi widget - I thank her for that - and did then receive 20 credits! I have not seen her on the Entrecard "Campaign" page so far, but I am sure she will join soon - at least, I will send her a reminder ;-)

You should have noticed that this "contest" was not very popular. I was ready to give away 150 credits, and at the end, I have given 30 credits - I have already used the remaining 120 credits for advertisement ;-) Maybe the number of credits was not sufficient, I think next time I will target one single winner with a prize of 100 credits at least - lesson learned ;-)

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Free Entrecard Credits for Wavumi Members

I have been addicted to these last days, I have played a lot with it. I have even sent some feedback to the development team. One of them was about 3rd party cookie, it seems they have the same problem that I encountered at the beginning of the development of Wavumi, see my (old) post How to enable (unblocked) your 3rd party cookie from April 2007. This feedback was appreciated: Wavumi is mentioned a the post Letting your users help you help them written by the guy developing, and I received an Entrecard coupon for 50 credits.

I have decided to give you these credits as a welcome gift in the Wavumi Community ;-) I will give 10 credits to the first 5 new members. The procedure is the following:

  1. You register to Wavumi by clicking here.
  2. You install the Wavumi widget on your blog/site.
  3. You send me an e-mail at with the URL of your blog/site.
  4. I will send you back an Entrecard coupon for 10 credits.

And you know what!? I hate these promotions trying to recruit new customers, without paying attention to the existing customers! Therefore, if you are an old Wavumi member, you can also send me an e-mail - after re-installing the Wavumi widget if necessary ;-) - and you will get 20 credits from my account. I will give away 100 credits I have earned (my addiction was not for nothing).

Ladies and gentlemen, I will now go to check my inbox...

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

BlogRush and Entrecard Videos

From the beginning of the development of the Wavumi project, I was thinking about promoting it by creating a marketing video. But, I am still searching where to start... On the other hand, I have found two videos I like a lot: the presentation video of BlogRush, as well as the one of Entrecard. The video I would like to create would not be very different from these ones!

BlogRush video played by Online FLV Player

Entrecard video played by Online FLV Player

If you can point me to the right direction in order to create such a high quality marketing video, please do not hesitate to contact me ;-)

Thursday, November 15, 2007

New Design for Wavumi (2nd)

Following the nice comment from ~ Swann on my previous post, I have re-started working on the new design of the Wavumi web site.

I would like to show you a first mock-up in order to get early feedback. Many thanks in advance for your comments. So, here is the new design:

As a reminder, the current design is:

As I have already explained it in my previous post, I am definitively not a designer! Thus, even if it is in line with my philosophy, I have "copied" this design from BlogRush. I have been quite impressed by its success, so I found a good idea to get some "inspiration" from it ;-)