Thursday, November 22, 2007

Free Entrecard Credits for Wavumi Members

I have been addicted to these last days, I have played a lot with it. I have even sent some feedback to the development team. One of them was about 3rd party cookie, it seems they have the same problem that I encountered at the beginning of the development of Wavumi, see my (old) post How to enable (unblocked) your 3rd party cookie from April 2007. This feedback was appreciated: Wavumi is mentioned a the post Letting your users help you help them written by the guy developing, and I received an Entrecard coupon for 50 credits.

I have decided to give you these credits as a welcome gift in the Wavumi Community ;-) I will give 10 credits to the first 5 new members. The procedure is the following:

  1. You register to Wavumi by clicking here.
  2. You install the Wavumi widget on your blog/site.
  3. You send me an e-mail at with the URL of your blog/site.
  4. I will send you back an Entrecard coupon for 10 credits.

And you know what!? I hate these promotions trying to recruit new customers, without paying attention to the existing customers! Therefore, if you are an old Wavumi member, you can also send me an e-mail - after re-installing the Wavumi widget if necessary ;-) - and you will get 20 credits from my account. I will give away 100 credits I have earned (my addiction was not for nothing).

Ladies and gentlemen, I will now go to check my inbox...


Pam Hoffman said...

I'll certainly send you that email. I'm wondering though - what is Entrecard?


Pam Hoffman

PhiRatE said...

hehe nice stuff Wavumi. Good to see my credits going to a good cause :)

Patrice said...

It was not as successful as expected, but at least Pam is now a new active member of Entrecard.

Michael said...

EntreCards are better than BlogRush

Open The Door said...

EnterCard will it`s great. Gived me some visitors and even my first real blog comment.
It will do Bloggers community a jump to best readers, traffic quality and much more.. I just love the way it pays my online time..