Friday, November 30, 2007

The Entrecard Coupons Winners are...

The Entrecard Coupons Winners are...

The winners of my Entrecard Coupons are:

Widgets Lab did register to Wavumi in order to get the Entrecard coupon, thus I did send him 10 credits. On the other hand, Pam Hoffman is an early adopter of the Wavumi widget - I thank her for that - and did then receive 20 credits! I have not seen her on the Entrecard "Campaign" page so far, but I am sure she will join soon - at least, I will send her a reminder ;-)

You should have noticed that this "contest" was not very popular. I was ready to give away 150 credits, and at the end, I have given 30 credits - I have already used the remaining 120 credits for advertisement ;-) Maybe the number of credits was not sufficient, I think next time I will target one single winner with a prize of 100 credits at least - lesson learned ;-)


Derek Anderson said...

I will donate 50 Entrecard credits to your contest. Maybe you can increase the amount even more. If you are so inclined

Pam Hoffman said...

Thanks Patrice for the EntreCard credits!

I did go to the site and started a widget I guess it's called.

I don't completely understand this whole thing - I'll keep at it though and I think it's something I add to my blog, yes?

I appreciate your offer, in any case!

Pam Hoffman

p.s. contact me for YOUR prize Patrice! you are the winner of MY recent contest!

you have a choice between two things i have in mind. email me: pamhoffmanatcoxdotnet. i'm looking forward to sending that to you!! pam

Pam Hoffman said...

BTW, Patrice, I too was surprized at the lack of entries into my contest - I really pushed it in a few places, inviting individuals even!

I only had one entry - YOURS.

Well, better luck next time!

Pam Hoffman

Patrice said...

Hello Pam. From my point of view, it's not so bad since I won ;-) But, I did share your frustration about the lack of entries.

Thanks, Derek. No doubt, I will contact you before starting my new contest ;-)

Derek Anderson said...

I will up my donation to 100 credits. I think that Entrecard does increase traffic. How much time the newcomers spend on site remains to be seen though. I, personally have found some interesting reading because of Entrecard and I'm thankful.

ArahMan7 said...

Yeah, me too. I found so many useful informations via Entrecard. Been reading awesome posts and leaving comments whenever possible daily. Anyway, congratulations to the winners - WidgetsLab and Pam's SeminarList.

Greetings and lotta loves from Malaysia.

ArahMan7 said...

Hold on, Pam. I'm coming...

Pam Hoffman said...

Nice to hear from you ArahMan7!

I'm back on the EntreCard trail.

I tried one campaign just to see how it works tho it said an hour wait last night and when I checked this morning, it was still 'pending' so I'll have to go and see what is happening.

Could be the outage they mentioned on the EC blog got me.


Pam Hoffman