Friday, June 8, 2007

What is Wavumi? (2nd Edition)

Definition. Wavumi is a Visitors Tracking Tool. The idea behind Wavumi can be express as the Wavumi's principle:

An author of a web site is likely to visit the web sites authored by its visitors ;-)
I guess that all authors of web sites would agree with this statement.

How does it work? First, you have to register to Wavumi, it is free, simple and quick. It's a two-edit-boxes-and-one-click procedure! At this stage, I have not (yet) implemented any verification procedure requiring an e-mail address. You only need to provide your name (or preferred pseudo) and the URL of your site, then click on the "Register" button, and it's done - you are part of the Wavumi Community.

Being part of the Wavumi Community means that you will be listed in the Recent Readers list when you will visit a site on which the Wavumi widget is installed! You should see a Wavumi widget on the right sidebar on this blog. Next to your name, there will be a little happy smiley ":-)", meaning that Wavumi is optimistic and guess that you like the site you are currently visiting. If you do not agree, you can just click on the smiley to change it into ":-(", which will be shown to the other visitors.

Finally, you can configure and install the Wavumi widget on your site and the get statistics on your visitors and how they feel about your site.

Thanks in advance for reading this post, I hope it has convinced you to have a try and to register to Wavumi, any feed-back are more than welcome ;-)

Have a nice day or night...

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Anonymous said...

i just signed up and then i found a link to your site, i been here at least ten other times without realising this was your creation lol. thanks for wavumi