Thursday, June 7, 2007

The Width of the Wavumi Widget is Configurable!

Following the feed-back from several members/commenters the width of the Wavumi Widget is now configurable. Just go to Wavumi...

I will continue to add more configuration possibilities, any suggestions are welcome, just drop a comment to this post. Many thanks in advance!


Tony Cui said...

It seems like there is quite some development going into this widget. Are you the only one working on it?

Patrice said...

Hello Tony,

Thanks for your comment. Indeed, I am working on Wavumi quite regularly in order to improve it.

And yes, I am the only one working on it. It is my little, personal, secret, 0$-investment proof-of-concept to deliver a "new" service/tool/widget to the internet web 2.0 community ;-)

So far, I am quite happy with the technical developments, I can regularly enhance the functionalities of Wavumi as I want, but I am definitively not the best web designer, the look of the site and the widget are not really sexy :-( And, last but not least, I am really struggling to promote it. So far, there are (only) 39 members within the Wavumi Community... But, I guess that the trick is to continue to work enhancing the services offered by Wavumi, and the community will follow...

Thanks again for your comment, this kind of comments are really helping me to carry on... And, do not forget to Register to Wavumi, it's free and quick!


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