Wednesday, June 6, 2007

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I want to thank Ed again. Ed joined the Wavumi Community on the 17th of April 2007. Wavumi went live on the 12th of April, thus Ed was clearly an early adopter of Wavumi! Ed is the editor of The Pisstakers blog, which is a multi-faceted humor blog covering web, tech, world news and quirky stories. The term Pisstaker has nothing to do with urine, but everything to do with Ed's articles that are somewhat cynical, sarcastic and humorous. For the purists, content is based on genuine events and topics and never strays too far from the truth. I have already thanks Ed within the post Many Thanks to Ed for his Wavumi Review of the 20th of April 2007, because not only he registered to Wavumi, but he also did write a very nice review of Wavumi.

This time, on the 27th of May 2007 to be precised, Ed has written a post about MyBlogLog clones where he shares his thoughts about MyBlogLog, BlogCatalog and ... Wavumi! Ed's words about Wavumi are:

At the other extreme of the development cycle is Wavumi, a MyBlogLog clone created by Patrice, a brilliant Belgian. The idea is simple, I think. An author of a web site is likely to visit the web sites authored by its visitors Looking at the quote every which way, it seems to make sense, but just in case you share my doubts, I will play safe and adopt the MyBlogLog approach, offering their tag line Connect with fellow readers. Phew, that's a lot more straightforward for a non-Belgian mind to grasp.

Over the months since its release, Patrice, the author, has been keeping us informed, via his blog, of progress fine-tuning the code and beefing up the server. As a result, he has acquired 26 members, 4 of whom have installed the widget. It is all very bare bones, but nothing a multi-million cash injection into the marketing and graphics department couldn't solve. Contact Patrice for all investment offers, or the code for his widget.

I really like the way Ed is talking about Wavumi, and I really hope that he can convince you to register to Wavumi, and follow-up the growth of it ;-)


Valentin said...

Hi Patrice

Nice idea. And mood "thing" too :-))

Still, I have to deny for the moment to put the wavumi script on my pages, for a very objective reason :

Is too large (width) and can`t be fixed thru css ..

If you can solve that and/or you need help-some cool ideas to improve it and so on ... contact me somehow :-P

Patrice said...

Hello Valentin,

Thanks for your registration.

I am currently working on the "configuration" of the widget that will include:
- Font
- Width
- Number of Readers
- Background Colour
- Title Colour
- Link Colour

Indeed, as you can see it for my widget on this blog, the widget is already configurable! But, I need to finalise the User Interface part of it.

In the meantime, if you want, you can give the width you want (in pixel) and I can manually configure it in your profile, you will then be able to test how the widget can fir within your blog ;-)


Patrice said...

The width of the Wavumi widget is now configurable!