Friday, April 20, 2007

Many Thanks to Ed for his Wavumi Review

I would like to thanks Ed, the editor of the Pisstakers for his review of Wavumi. It was so nice for me to read some lines on Wavumi written by someone else... Thanks again, Ed ;-)

The last week has been quite busy. Indeed, I cannot (yet) put a lot of my time and energy on Wavumi. This is why you have not seen new things coming. Anyway, I am happy to join with you today... to talk again about Wavumi. I have a dream that one day ... Google will buy Wavumi for 16,000,000 $ and that I will not have to work anymore for [the company I am currently working for]. I have a dream today!

In the meantime, I will try to continue to work as much as I can on Wavumi ;-) I am currently developing the customisation of the Wavumi Widget...

Nice weekend to all.

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Ed said...

Good luck and hurry up if you want to earn 16million.