Monday, April 2, 2007

What is the Wavumi Community?

The Wavumi Community can help you to increase the traffic to your web site. The Wavumi's principle is:

An author of a web site is likely to visit the web sites authored by its visitors ;-)
At least, it is true for me. When I look to the new visitors from my websites statistics (on Site Meter) I always jump to the refer(r)er URL and go to it. Indeed, this is for me the best way to get more information about your visitors.

The idea behind the Wavumi service is to get an explicit reference of your reader and not a "stolen" HTTP header anymore. Your visitor will consciously pass to you the URL of his website when visiting your website. Of course, it will work only if you are also part of the Wavumi Community, meaning that you will also give the URL of your website each time you visit other websites.

I have to admit that, unfortunatelly, this is not an original idea. Indeed, while thinking about this idea of explicit reference of readers, I have discovered that MyBlogLog does provide such a service. But, finally, I have decided to carry on anyway. At least, I think it will be a very exercise for me if I reached to put my Wavumi service on-line ;-)

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