Wednesday, June 13, 2007

There are 50 Members within Wavumi

There are 50 members within the Wavumi Community! Many thanks to all of you:

I hope that we will be even much more in a (very) near future ;-) Thus, if you do not see your avatar above, don't wait anymore and register to Wavumi, any feed-back are more than welcome ;-)

Have a nice day or night...


Thomas said...

Hiya Wavumi

Been thinking about your new project and feeling a little bad for not adding the widget to my site, but as I said you can have too many widgets..

What I thought was maybe you are looking for people at wrong places? Most people on mybloglog and blogcatalog already have widgets. Might try to find members outside those sites?

No idea where that might be ;)

Patrice said...

Hello Thomas,

Don't feel bad, you will install the Wavumi widget when you will find it better than the MyBlogLog one you have installed ;-)

Indeed, it would be great to get members who are not part (yet) of the MyBlogLog, BlogCatalog or BUMPzee communities, but so far, I have failed trying to do that... Any suggestions are more than welcome!

On the other hand, I think I will be able to bring new functionalities that are not offered (yet) in the other communities. That's my current plan to attract new members. The ability to share your mood while you are visiting a site was my 1st attempt (see the post, new ones will follow shortly!

Michael de`Oz said...

Why not use OpenID or for displaying avatars?

Patrice said...

Hello Michael,

Thanks for your registration, and many thanks for your feed-back.

OpenID is already on my TODO list following a comment from JP Loh. With your comment, it has now a higher priority.

I will have a look at