Tuesday, December 18, 2007

No (big) John Chow Effect :-(

Finally, there was no big John Chow effect. I was expecting much more traffic from my Wavumi Entrecard being displayed one full day on the John Chow Dot Com blog :-(

You can see that the 13th of December was even not my highest traffic day!

It's #1 on my Wavumi Entrecard statistics, but still not very impressive. Taking into account that a 125 x 125 Button Sponsorhip on John Chow Dot Com blog costs $500/month, I was expecting much more traffic... Maybe it was not a good day!


Pam Hoffman said...

Can you tell what happened on your biggest day to get that kind of traffic?

Might be good to know to see if you can repeat those conditions or whatever.

My ad will be on the johnchow.com site on Friday. It will be my first ad - I got ahold of 3 all together and they were running into the holidays so I started banking credits to go for 2008.

I suppose I could start looking again since it's so close to the end of the year.

Thanks for letting us know what happened Patrice!

Pam Hoffman

kexbrown said...

Thanks for the stats info. I read from someone else that had their Entrecard on John Chow and they said that he placed his Entrecard so far below the fold it doesn't get seen. That might be the problem.

Hey, but some traffic is always better than no traffic! And you saved $500!

- Mitch - said...

Mines is running on there today, and so far, about the same stats. roughly 40 clicks.

I know I read that Toni over at internet dreamer got about 100 when she put hers up during the first few weeks. I think Chow's regular visitors have gotten used to the widget thing, compared to when he first put it on there.

Cromely said...

Thanks for this analysis. It's great to see feedback like this.

Given the premium the high profile sites command, does it make more sense to spread those credits out among multiple sites on the same day?

Once the new year hits, I imagine more users will have enough data to realistically determine the cost (in credits) of a click from each site.

It would be interesting if Entrecard would actually add that figure to the widgets in the campaign page, but they might not want to share that data from their end.

Hock said...

I found similar results advertising on JohnCow.com. You can read my analysis at http://moneymakingblogs.com/blog

I have some tips for making the most out of Entrecard there. Thanks for sharing your experiences. :)

Pam Hoffman said...

Hey Patrice!

My ad just placed on johnchow.com and I looked at EC for statistics - 13 came from there so far! And I'm just getting started.

Looks like the Friday before Christmas is going to be OK.

I'll be back to tell you what happened.

Pam Hoffman

Patrice said...

Thank you ALL for your comments!

@Pam - I am afraid I don't have a big secret to tell. As far as I remember, on that day, I have spent more time than usual on my computer dropping my Entrecard, commenting on blogs, praying in front of my traffic report, etc. Thanks for your early update on how your advert on John Chow dot Com generates traffic; by the way I clicked on it once ;-)

@kexbrown - Indeed, if you look at the screen shot of John Chow dot Com I made for my post Wavumi Advert on JohnChow.com ..., I had to break the screen in order to get the Reveton picture and my Wavumi logo at a decent distance from each other ;-)

@Mitch - So we (already) need to register to the next Blog Service after BlogRush and Entrecard... any idea? Why not Wavumi?

@Cromely - Indeed, the formula to determine your advertising price is "(average cards received over 5 days) x 2". Maybe it would be better to calculate it from the number of clicks from the widget on which the advert is displayed. I am sure that it would decrease the price of a campaign on John Chow dot Com!

@Hock - I really appreciate the analysis of your post Entrecard - Is It Junk Traffic? I would answer "Not Always ;-)" since I got to your site through your Entrecard (this is not exactly true since it was through your comment on my blog) and I will become one of your readers!

Gary R. H. said...

My site impNERD was on JohnChow just a few days ago as well, received 88 clicks and almost every single one went directly to the Entrecard. None commented, none signed up to RSS, etc.

Debo Hobo said...

That's why I am not going to waste the points. Folks are only dropping cards at John Chow's but they are not clicking through to the site.

- Mitch - said...

Anyways the advert finished, and totaled at 69 clicks. Most of it moving on the Entrecard widget out. Wish they kept a stat of how many outgoing clicks your ads are getting instead of having to keep tally each day.

BigPappa said...

Very interesting. I was curious about how much an EC on the Chow would bring in. Considering your EC traffic and how much traffic his site gets, the click through rate is pretty poor. I have gotten more traffic from smaller blogs with EC. Thanks for publishing your findings

Pam Hoffman said...

Ok, my ad is finished running on johnchow.com and I got a total of 60 clicks from there, according to the EC statistics area.

If what I'm seeing is in fact the 'source of traffic,' it looks kind of weird from the google analytics site and the number seems a little different. More like 48-49 (i forget already). Then like 17 from the johnchow.com site. Not sure about all that.

I'm still very pleased because my blog was averaging 5-6 visits a day only a few weeks ago.

12/21 shows a jump to 79 visits on the google chart.

I'm not sure how to convey that in a graphic way though I can do a 'screen shot' if anyone remembers what that is.

Any ideas out there??

I was pleasantly surprised at the 'bounce' rate as well. It was only 77.xx% for that day. My average was much higher on some past days. I'm not looking ALL the time!


John Chow effect here?!? Oh Yeah!

I'll try again (i wrote on my blog how i got the ad) soon.

Since I saw such good numbers early on, I decided to set up a bunch more for the holidays. I think it has paid off very well.

I still have a few to go. I got a lot of them from the blogs they list on their 'least wait' list (or whatever they call it). Some went right away, after approval and some will go in the next couple of days.

I have noticed a general trend in holiday traffic. It seems to be very good for my blog.

What about other people?

Pam Hoffman

LaTease Rikard said...

Interesting...I was thinking of buying ads on John Chow...hmmm

Anonymous said...

Don't be fooled. Blogs like John Chows don't get nearly as much traffic as they would like you to believe.

Pam Hoffman said...

I expect jc gets WAY more traffic than I!


Pam Hoffman

ShadowKnight said...

Very interesting results. I would be interested to see if others see similar results as advertising on Mr Chows blog is expensive in terms of EC points. I do not want to waste the ones I have accumulated.

Matt Ellsworth said...

Other people i have seen have received about 80 or so visits from an ad on his site. All in all - just keep at it.

Pam Hoffman said...

I gotta tell you, the ad which ran on Jan 7th blew the JC ad outta the water!

I just finished up and saw 89 clicks (EC claimed) from that one ad.

It was a lot less credits too!

Here's their link...


Pam Hoffman

williamhessian said...

the John Chow effect is overrated. It is nice to see such an interest in the entrecard placement tho. I think his viewers, plentiful they may be, are quite aware of what they are clicking on.

And as Gary said, John Chow is seemingly used as a lillypad for a slew of entrecarders. I find the entrecard lillypad effect to be annoying, and even moreso the concept of making your top post about entrecard to attract those hoppers to stop and actually read something.

The fad is going to die down, since its only bloggers clicking on bloggers. Soon we will realize that even though our nubmers are going up, they are simply ghost numbers. Artificial.

As interesting as the entrecard and john chow effects are, lets move on.

themuxicbox said...

Hmm, it seems like my site gives better Entrecard traffic.

Mike said...

So far the best traffic I've seen from any ad I've placed on Entrecard has been with the Movies Illustrated blog. Traffic from them was twice as much as any other source. Ya might consider trying there. They apparently have readers that like to click stuff :)

Jamaipanese said...

just as i suspected...not worth the credits

vkeong said...

Hmm.. I was planning to stock up my credits to display my entrecard in his website.. Now I gotta think twice

Maybe the entrecard's design not attractive to his readers?

catzer said...

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Shen said...

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