Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I would like to Thank Stephen

The Wavumi community has currently 26 members. But, the Wavumi widget is only installed on 4 web sites (excluding this blog):

But, I would like to say a special thanks to Stephen, who has joined the Wavumi community on the 26th of April and who is keeping the Wavumi Widget running on his blog, the HD BizBlog 1.2, dedicated to online living, blogging, digital nomads and getting things done (GTD) articles.

The goal of Stephen is to help people improving their digital life through increased awareness, education, and Getting Things Done (GTD) productivity.He makes available, in one place, a lot of new information, productivity hacks, and business opportunities (Stephen's affiliate link) for internet entrepreneurs. Free E-books, book reviews, and tutorials are posted every week.


Stephen said...

Thanks for the shoutout Patrice, I appreciate it. It's all about bringing people together in this Web 2.0 community.

If you would like to write a guest post about what you are trying to accomplish, I would be happy to post it on my blog. Between my RSS feeds and visits I get about 600 visits per day.

Send me an email at stephen.smith.893 at g mail dot com

Patrice said...


Thanks a lot for your proposition. Indeed, you have
1. Register to Wavumi;
2. Install the Wavumi's widget (*) on your blog;
3. Visit the websites of the other members of the Wavumi community (at least, the ones who have installed the widget!)
4. And now, you are proposing me a guest post on your 600 visits/day blog...

... I will repeat myself again, but ... Thanks a lot!

I will take some time to prepare a good post for your blog, and e-mail it to you.


Stephen said...

Very good. Tuesday is usually my highest traffic day, for whatever reason.

Patrice said...

I have not forgotten your proposition Stephen! But, as I posted it today, I am currently working on a new functionality, and I would like to present Wavumi on your blog, with this new functionality working ;-)