Friday, May 25, 2007

Register to Wavumi!

The ratio between people visiting this blog, and people registering to Wavumi (or even just visiting the Wavumi website) is dramatically LOW...

Thus, I have added a big "Click Here to Register to Wavumi!" as a top banner, let's see if you will click on it... Many thanks in advance.

I am just realising how difficult it is to create a web community... any smart advices are welcome! However, I am not sure that joining the MyBlogLog community would be a deontological way... What do you think?


nyx said...

HI! I just joined.

My two cents:

You need to promote this blog and Wavumi a bit. You started blogging shortly before I started IcyQueenGoddess but too date I've had THREE times more traffic then you do.


You have a good product. Market it a bit more.

Oh... and I'm a girl. The main reason I have not put up your widget is because I think it's too plain. Will look forward to the upgrade! :P

Patrice said...

Dear Nyx,

Thanks for joining the Wavumi Community.

And, thanks for your words: You have a good product.

Would you like to share any promotion technique(s) you have used for your blog, Icy Queen Goddess?

It's a pity that you did not install the Wavumi widget... but, I would agree that it is currently quite plain.

I am currently working on the ability for a Wavumi member to configure his/her widget. The configuration items will be:
- Font
- Width
- Number of Readers
- Background Colour
- Title Colour
- Link Colour

I guess that it will not really make the Wavumi widget more "sexy" from your point of view... Any advices are welcome ;-)

nyx said...

Hi Patrice!

I don't promote my blog much since it's a personal blog. I just post all my nonsense and if people come, they come.

But I do join all sorts of communities and blogtals (I think this is what they are called? or are they blog aggregators) that's relevant to my geographical location like, and other similar communities.

I also leave comments on the sites of the people who's blogs I read and like. People do tend to want to know a little about the people who leave comments on their blogs and will normally come back and look.

After all, I found you through my MyBlogLog widget.


Regarding the design,

A simple box with customizable colours and a nicer text will do fine with me actually.

I just don't like the current "hollowed out box" with the current text. Too simple looking (but it doesn't have to be like, y'know, art)

Patrice said...

Sorry for this late reply Nyx, I hope you are still checking this blog...

Many thanks for your feed-back, I will work to improve the current "hollowed out box" design ;-)

On the other hand, I am currently working on something new from a functional point of view. I would like to propose something which is not available at MyBlogLog or BlogCatalog. I would like to remove the "MyBlogLog Clone" label from Wavumi ;-)

Stephen said...

Patrice, I need an e-mail address for contacting you.

Write me at stephen dot smith dot 893 at gmail dot com.


Patrice said...

Hello Stephen,

I have just sent you a mail.